Kickstand/Sidestand replacement

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Kickstand/Sidestand replacement

Hi guys, the kick stand on my cagiva has broken off, the weld to the frame appears to have rusted. Found a replacement "universal" stand, clamps onto the frame. Bingo I thought, but alas! The clamp attaches to the round frame, so no matter how tight I adjust it the thing just pivots when I put the bike on it and the bike tips over. 

Does anyone have any tips or ideas?? Has anyone ever managed to get a "universal" item to fit ANYTHING??? At a loss at the minute, resorting to paddock stands at home then parking against a wall outside work to avoid the obvious. Bit of a pain trying to top up with fuel and leaning it against the pumps!

Pretty simple - get another lug welded onto the frame and re-fit the old stand. You say the old one has rusted so it's not like you're talking aluminium welding or anything - loads of small independent bike service shops will be able to do that for you.

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