Kicked it bumped it charged it shook it

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Kicked it bumped it charged it shook it

Hi Guy's

ZZR600 really annoying its been a first time starter all the time I have had it, park it up in the garage over winter, buy a new bike and ready to sell her and Ohhh no

The ignition lights are intermittent and she wont turn over, I could go out there now and they come on, press the start button get a "click" and they die, go out again later and they come back on, press the start button get the click and dead again some time later having not touched it at all turn the key and I get ignition lights... any ideas?


Obvious possibilities are either the battery having developed a fault, or part of the wiring having corroded - quite common at the main fuse.

Hi ExRCT, you don't say if you've had it on a charger during the winter? if not batteries don't like cold and in simple terms you are not getting enough power. As Tappy said it's probably the battery or a short, the battery is the most likely cause. Charge it up and see if it holds the charge, you could try jump starting if you have the leads. Failing these if it still plays up and you don't have the gear or knowledge you'll need help. It seems to be classic symptoms of a flat (or dead) battery. Having tried many types now I have gone back to lead acid with makes such as Yuasa, they last up to 10 years and will stay well on trickle. Gel ones I can't get to last more than 2 years, and the Lithium ones don't like UK winters (or summers where I live) I've got one flat as we speak. You don't say how old it is, but if 6-8 years and on original battery it should be suspect No. 1.

Thanks for the reply guys, not the battery its been on trickle and only 9 months old charger shows its charged, will go and have a dig around the main fuse.

OK try the following, check your earths are clean and tight (not just the battery one), if all ok then a bit more difficult try to find if the wirings earthing. This is not easy without equipment but you might get lucky, you are looking for tiny things i.e. a nick in a wire not something glaring at you. What I think is happening is the following, please excuse my simple approach as I do not know your depth of knowledge. Imagine the electricity is water and the lights and starter motor need 20 litres per second to spin their imaginary waterwheel and work. 1/. The water will not flow without pressure around the circuit, it needs a clear path, with a poor earth it's like someone has dropped a boulder in the stream and it's not getting its 20 litres per second. It tries to work but cannot get enough water (current) to flow through it. (Poor earth - obstruction, i.e. loose terminal or corrosion) 2/. The water flows but a beaver has built a dam somewhere along the stream, this water is being diverted into his fish pond. Therefore there isn't enough water in the main stream to give the 20 litres a second. Trace where the dam is and destroy it and the flow returns to normal (earth - diversion i.e. cut in wiring allowing current to leak away from circuit before it can perform work) For 1/. try to trace the earth wires to where they go, usually to the frame somewhere, clean them up and make sure they are tight (don't overtighten though). Check fuses as you can get a bad fuse or corrosion, main culprit liable to be the earth on the starter motor. 2/. is a bit more complicated but lets see how you get on, I was tempted to tell you how to put new wires in to see if it earthed ok but that may do more harm than good. Try wiggling wires with ignition on to see what happens, you might get lucky, remember you're looking for tiny things. My apologies to all technical people out there, perhaps you have a better description?  

Have you sorted it m8?

Not yet mate will be doing it at the weekend need to take the faring off

OK let us know how it went, I would begin with the starter, disconnect the battery for this, better safe than sorry. The leads you are looking for will be big as they take a lot of current, clean them well and where the earth wire goes to the frame with emery or similar. Then connect battery and try, I have a feeling this will solve it, if not then it's wiggle the wires and ignition key time, if nothing obvious you may need more technical help but lets be optimistic! worst bit and longest is taking off the plastic.

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