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Kawasaki Z1100 spectre indicator works on one side

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Kawasaki Z1100 spectre indicator works on one side

Hey folks,

I'm looking for a little help. I recently bought my first bike, an '83 Kawa Z1100-D2. It's old, so I was expecting it would be a bit of a learning experience. I was kinda hoping to start with an oil change or something and work my way up, but it would appear I have an electrical problem. Oh well, diving in at the deep end and all that!

Anyway, the left hand indicator works no problem at all. The right doesn't. Initially it worked fine, then I noticed a slight delay between hitting the switch and the signal coming on. Now it doesn't work at all.

In the interest of my motorcycle maintenance education, I bought a multimeter and had a preliminary poke at some things and have determined that power is reaching the flasher relay. This makes sense as the left hand indicators work absolutely fine.

Next I checked the bulbs (they look completely fine) and the indicator.. whatever they're called, housing? mountings? Anyways, the right ones show more signs of corrosion than the left. Actually the left ones looks suspiciously new for an '83 bike. I checked the left indicators with my multimeter, and as expected they have power. Mostly just checking that I was using the meter correctly! The right ones don't, they give a reading that jumps up and down in the millivolt range with the indicator switched on.

Another thing that's probably important.. when I indicate left I can hear the relay click in time with the indicator as normal. When I indicate right, it clicks really fast. But there's no light on the front or rear signal lights, or on the indicator signal light on my display.

So, I could use some assistance. Am I right that the flasher relay is probably fine? It looks a little worse for wear. I cleaned the contacts, and that didn't help. It looks sorta cracked though.

Is it possibly the switch? It looks super hard to test that with a multimeter. The wires are pretty well hidden.

What do you recommend for next steps? I can't tell you how new I am to this but I'm pretty determined to learn. So any advice you could offer me would be amazing!



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