Kawasaki GT 550 Clutch rattle

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Kawasaki GT 550 Clutch rattle

My old Kawasaki Gt 550 rattles at idle particularly when cold. I am sure this is from the clutch as when the lever is pulled in, in gear, the noise is less. I know this is possibly made worse by out of balance carbs. What part of the cluth is worn to cause the rattle ??

ive a 500/4 honda and they all suffer from this, sync your carbs and you will nearly eliminate it.

The plain plates in the clutch are dogged onto the teeth of the centre clutch boss.The friction plates are dogged into slots in the outer clutch basket.The clutch basket is usually alloy, while the plates are steel, so the alloy basket tends to wear causing excessive clearance or "lash" in the clutch. If the engine is running roughly (often due to carbs being out of balance) then the uneven engine speed will cause the clutch to rattle due to the "lash" in it.This wear also tends to be uneven so can prevent the plates from fully dissengaging - is the clutch dragging at all? I'd balance the carbs and see if it improves. If not, it might be time to whip off the clutch cover and have a look, but unless it's very bad I'd leave it alone.

Thanks for this. I need to try and balance the carbs. I have tried to balance before with one of these devices with the two balls in a plastic tube. I am not sure it works very well Any body any experience of these devices??

Yeah - they're not up to much. If you're skint you can cobble one together with a long length of clear tube and some engine oil. Your best bet is to borrow a proper one though..

I would not worry about the rattle they all doo it even the one i have now does it and i have had it for 5 years or so, but it is a good idea to balance the carbs tho as it does help to smooth out the rattle a rough idle a bit

help bike runs fine but when i let the cluch out bike dies

Most likely reason is that the bike thinks it's in gear with the side-stand still down, so you let out the clutch and the bike kills the engine for your own safety. First off - is the neutral warning light coming on when it's mean to? Secondly - is the side-stand switch working properly? Given the recent cold weather & road salt I'd suspect the switch plunger has stuck and needs cleaning & lubing...

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