Kangaroo/power loss in 5th

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Kangaroo/power loss in 5th

Hello all I have a problem I wonder you could help with.

About 3months ago I bought a new Hanway scramble right 125, even New the bike had a few issues of cutting out when idle..a lot. I took it to the garage where my mechanic fixed a poor solder joint and removed some water from my tank that had also made its way in somehow, along with first service, oil change etc + I asked them to alter the mixture to stop the judder as I suspected it was too lean.

After this it rode like a dream for about a week but is now having the problem of juddering and intermittent power loss when I try take it over about 6000 rpm in 5th forcing me to not go over this.

Checked fuel lines for kinks but it seems ok and am kinda out of ideas/ lack the knowledge of what to check, any ideas appreciated and can provide more details if needed. Thanks in advance

Kangaroo/power loss in 5th

Sounds like fuel starvation to me. Given the other problems you had I'd start by trying to check the fuel height in the carb - this can be done with a U-bend of clear plastic tube fitted onto the carb drain.
If that checks out OK I'd pop the carb off, check for any dirt in the float bowl or float valve, check the floats are moving OK and set correctly.
I'd also check the fuel hose and fuel tap are clear (I'd probably just replace the hose anyway) and check the internal filters in the bottom of the tank.

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