I need help

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I need help

Hi all

Went for an hour's ride yesterday morning all went well no funny noise 

or trouble with my gsx 600f 2000 model. 

Went out today to find all fuel had leaked out on to drive and bike wont

turn over let alone start. Not a sound when I push the start button and

light's are coming on.

Any ideas ?

Whatever the starting problem is, the first task is to rectify the leaking - mucking about with high current power to the starter motor when the bike is soaked in fuel could easily end up with a fire ball. You'll need to find out where the fuel is leaking from - taking the fairings off will be a good start. You should also check the engine oil for signs of fuel - if one of the carb float bowls has flooded it might've drained the petrol from the tank into the engine sump. If there's any sign of petrol in the oil then you'd do well to drain all the oil and filter and replace both before trying to start the engine. It's possible that the reason it won't turn over is due to hydraulic lock caused by the engine being full of fuel. So, check the oil and go leak hunting.

Thanks for that will start hunting

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