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Honda VFR NC30


I need help please. I recently replaced my stator but the bike only charges to 13.5 with the lights off and 12.2 with the lights on. I had the battery, regulator and stator checked out. I also cleaned out the connection plug points.

What could possibly still be wrong with the bike and where can I possibly start looking for this fault.


Your assistance will be highly appreciated

There are three possibilities. The first is that you're not revving the engine when checking the charging system. You typically check the regulated output voltage with the engine revving at about 5k rpm. The second is that you've got crappy wiring between the reg/rec and the battery. Measure the charging voltage at the output of the regulator ( leave everything connected and poke the multi-meter +ve probe into the back of the connector at the reg/rec). If this is OK (14-15V) but the voltage at the battery is still low then the wiring needs replacing. The third possibility is that the alternator rotor has de-magnetized. This often happens after a severe impact, and can significantly reduce the alternator output. If the voltage at the reg/rec is low then disconnect it and check the unregulated voltage across the 3 (usually white or yellow) wires coming from the stator - at 5k rpm there should be over 90V AC.

as above , but would be inclined to check battery well

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