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Honda MT5

 Hey All,

I picked up this engine 80/82 from a breaker and am overhauling it. I've opened her up and everything inside seems in very good shape, practically new. The one thing that gets me is that it does not have an oil pump drive gear, which in the manual for the MB5 it does. Is this right or was it removed? Will it still function ok without it or is this a major issue?   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.





If it has an oil pump, but no drive gear then no - it will not function OK. An engine running without oil to its big-ends will last about 50 miles before suffering terminal failure. If it has no drive gear - does it even have an oil pump? If it has an oil pump - is it being driven by something else? Have a look at the Ron Ayers site - the parts fiche on there will show you what should / shouldn't be in the engine. David Silver spares will probably be helpful too.

it means you'll have to run it pre mixed...oilpump is unreliable anyway,get rid

Don't ever run an engine with an oil pump on pre-mix, unless the engine has been specifically rebuilt to not use the oil pump. The whole point of oil pumps on two strokes was to get the oil to where it's needed, rather than just in with the rest of the fuel. If you just run it on pre-mix with no other adjustments you'll damage it. For example if you don't at least re-jet it then the extra viscosity of the oil in the fuel will make it run lean and hole pistons or seize.

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