Honda CLR125 City-Fly problems

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Honda CLR125 City-Fly problems

Hi all.

New to biking, just bought a used Honda CLR125 city-fly and it needs some work doing.

I don't think haynes made a workshop manual for this model but apparently it has the same single as in the XLR125. Can anyone tell me if it would be worth buying a manual for that instead? Or where I can get a city-fly workshop or owner's manual?

If not, can anyone tell me how to adjust the clutch?


Any help would be much appreciated.I can adjust the clutch cable at the lever but there's still a lot of free play and the biting ponts really high. I can't work out if you can adjust the cable at the engine end or if there's an adjustment on the clutch itself.

Help, please, anybody?I've just changed the clutch cable and have worked out how to adjust it at both the lever and transmision ends. However, when I change from neutral to first with the clutched pulled the engine stalls as if the clutch was never fully disengagedI dont know what to do. Any suggestions?......please.Cheers

Check if your bike has a sidestand cut-off switch. The switch is designed to prevent you riding off with the sidestand down, and if it is sticking, the engine will think the sidestand is down when it isn't, and cut the ignition. If on the other hand, the bike is just stalling from lack of power, it could be low compression, or the settings on the carb might be out.

Cheers rs250-squid, the side-stand switch was sticking. I've been going nuts for the last 5 hours trying to work it out. I'll be able to sleep tonight now!

whehey, i got one too a few weeks a go, you can get the workshop manual from honda dealer (motorcycle) but you have to go to the shop. I managed to get a second hand one on ebay few weeks back £7

HELP!!!!!! trying to get a manual and its sending me crazy!can anyone out there help me? i have a 51 plate clr125 and also want to create or buy new can/exaust before the next MOT!any bright ideas people cheers shrekosaurus LINCOLNSHIRE

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