Honda CG 125 help!!

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Honda CG 125 help!!

Hi, I'm new to this site and was hoping you might be able to jel me. I have a 1992 Honda cg 125 and it failed the mot last week because of a few things but the one I'm having a real problem fixing is, quoted 'front position lamp does not illuminate immediately when switched on'. It starts to work as soon as yhe switch is pressed but has a short warm up period for the bulb to reach full brightness. Is this the problem or is that just normal on old bikes? Cheers George

The front position lamp (sidelight) is typically only a 4w or 5w bulb so if it's taking time to warm up then there's something wrong. The most likely is dodgy old wiring, possibly a dodgy or incorrect bulb. If the headlight etc also take a long time to "warm up" then I'd suggest it's something more significant. As a quick easy fix you might try fitting an LED bulb in its place - it'll use far, far less power and come on instantly. What I don't know is whether you'll find any that are road legal (the bluish-white ones are "for show use only") or whether the MOT tester would care.

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