Honda CBR won't start

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Honda CBR won't start

Hello All,

 I've been doing quite a bit of research but I can't find an obvious solution to why my bike won't start.

 It's a Honda CBR 600F 03 plate.

 The bike won't start, I've been through all the obvious reasons....

 The bike just won't spark, everything else seems to work properly until the battery innevitably runs out.

I had the problem yesterday, ran the bike out of juice trying to start it, but once I recharged the battery, 5 hours later, it started fine. Turned off and on again fine the whole day, for petrol etc.

 I rode to my friends house and am stuck here and can't get back...

 I don't understand how it could not work, then work fine and now completely fail again?

 The RAC guy couldnt fix it, but identified that the HT wire wasn't lighting up his test bulb???

 I've heard simple solutions may include the plug caps on the ht wire or something to do with a diode in the ignition (anti theft etc).

 It's been quite wet recently, so i reakon it could be a loose connection or something on those lines.

I only need it to start one more time and I can get home then otherwise it's going to cost me a fortune...

 Any help grately appreciated!!!!!!



its most likely an electronic issue, you might of upset the ECU with all the confusion youve given it dont waste time turning it over for ages at a time, try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes to reset the ECU.

I know there's a known issue with the reg/rectifier on hondas. If a misbehaving one  would exhibit those symptoms I don't know. Yet..!I know on cars that the HT coil can sometimes just pack up. Don't know how the HT is achieved on yours. At the end of the day you need to have systematic approach to diagnosing electrical problems. See if you can find a flow chart by googling. The principles will be the same for any modern petrol engine.  Narrow it down to 'ignition'.HTH

i really think it would be an ecu issue or immobiliser, that would present itself with no the fuel pump priming with the ignition like normal?dunno much aout these bikes

Thanks for all the replies! I just realised the only thing I did differently last time I charged the battery was that I removed it from the motorbike, this time I have been trickle charging it while it is still plugged in so hopefully Danielson you're right... If it does work, at least I can get home, although as far as identifying the problem goes, it looks like it's guna take some time!? If anything else springs to mind, let me know.... p.s. are these things usually costly to resolve?

Im still certain its either immobiliser or ECU sometimes when you charge something connected it can damage the rectifier. I check that with a charging condition indicator,, dead cheap from halfords. You could use a multimeter but i dont know how you would check tue rectifier with that.

Thanks Danielson. I took the battery out for 30 mins and reinserted,but no luck... I think I'm going to have to get some pros to look at it... Would you recommend an official honda garage or a local dealer (based on the problem).Thanks again

honda would always be better quality work i would of hoped but if it was my bike i would take it to a normal bike garage.sorry i couldnt help mate, i had the same problem and it turned out to be the alarm/immobiliser.

Danielson wrote (see)

honda would always be better quality work i would of hoped but if it was my bike i would take it to a normal bike garage.sorry i couldnt help mate, i had the same problem and it turned out to be the alarm/immobiliser.

tell you what I just did is to walk into the service bay at an official Honda car dealership (where you're not allowed..) & clock the boke who looked like a biker & asked him outright where to take it. Recc to an indy bloke who seems excellent. It's a good point about alarms. My mate in the car trade says they rip all the alarms of px keepers over 3 years & replaced them as a matter of course. So, does it have an alarm? The immobilsier is (IIRC) honda HISS & there's a light on the dash that comes on when you turn the key to indicate if it's been accepted. Is it? Not hit, soaked or run over the ignition key have you?Err-mimble wimble-kill switch, side stand switch? hang on-there's a dedicated CBR6 forum-search on that!

Very unlikely to be any of the kill switch/side stand issues as it ticks over, whereas when the side stand is down etc it doesnt. Yeh think ill try a normal dealer, so I can hopefully survive the bill.The light does come on to say the key is accepted. I do have a datakey alarm which may be a problem as it's been acting up all the time...but I'm not sure it would do would just be really annoyingly loud!? Thanks for all your help everyone!

UPDATE........ Took it to a gararge, they said they had sorted it but when I went to pick it up the bike wouldn't turn over so they looked at it again and go it up and running. Originally they said it was the alarm preventing it from starting, now they said it was bunged up parts in the bike etc. It all fired up and I rode home last night. THIS MORNING IT WON'T START AGAIN!!!!There has to be a reason for this i.e. it not starting when left overnight!? It surely can't be a loose connection or whatever because that wouldn't make sense now?  Anyone any thoughts - I'm not happy after spending loads of money getting it 'fixed' when it clearly isn't!!!

Get rid of the alarm before you do anything else.
They are a nightmare,especially with all
The charging stuff goin on.
At least then you'll know what your looking for.

can the alarm actually stop the spark? It's a datatool cat 3....

It depends on how they are wired in, the alarm immobiliser is just like a relay you cut a wire that needs to be closed to run then you solder the wires either side of tue immobiliser unit. I dont know how honda would do it but i would cut the power going to the ignition.

Unbelievable, I've just taken apart the bike (in places) and found a motion sensor for Acumen! God what had the previous owner put on this bike? Anyhow, I'm not exactly sure what it is but I sure as hell don't have another fob. The only one I have is for the Datatool alarm. I am thinking it might be the started motor immobiliser and actually the cause of the problem.  I am seriously annoyed that not 1 of the 2 garages I've taken this bike to has picked up on this. Anyway...that said, anyone know if this alarm can be disabled without a fob?

Contact a good auto electrician, a car auto electrician would suffice just fine.
I had exactly the same problem on my gsxr, when it rained the thing would die or wouldnt start also when it didnt rain when it was parked wrong when it was sat on in the wrong way. Get the picture, lol.
I did away with it myself but it can be a pain because all the wires from the unit are black for extra security.
Sorry you didnt have any look with the garage buddy.
Find yourself a good car sparky mate.

ok will do, what a nightmare...

Dunno why but bike immobilisers always seem to give hastle so with abit of luck youre on the right path

just got an email back from Acumen, they say that it is unlikely that their or Datatool's alarms would cause the problem I am reporting?? Ill speak to one of them tomorrow....?

to be honest..... they would say that.all i know is .a lot of bikers ive spoken to have had hassle with therye alarms.old alarms on bikes with charging issues ....

Its abit unfair of them to state that mate, they only produce the things, the only person who could give you a bearing on the symptons is the person who fitted it, some people put the immobiliser in the way of the starter, or the coil's, the ignition, fuel pump or even the crank sensor if they wanted.
As i said the symptons are relative to how it was fitted.

I just spoke to the mechanic who 'fixed' my bike last time. Apparantly the problem was located in a smallish grey box on the front left side of the bike under the fearing, that runs 10/15 cables/sockets out of it. Does anyone know what this part is called? It's horrid outside so haven't had a chance to look....?

hmm sounds like my ECM...?

Yeah 10/15 wires prob the ecm,
You could do with lookin on a cbr forum or something buddy

I have 05 cbr 600 same stuff won't prime it cranks but nothing ! Found it yellow plug shot open up plug give it good clean runs like a champ!

My cbr 05 has the same issue. Turns over but does Not start. Rode home from work and got changed, went back out and didn't start. Where should I start and what is this yellow box?

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