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gsxr 750 srad cutting out problem

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gsxr 750 srad cutting out problem

my injected srad has started cuting out while riding when it cuts out the FI light will flash and the FI will come up on the clocks, If you stop sometimes the fuel pum wont make the wining noise that it should then some times it does could this be the fuel pump going? anybody else had this problem?

Yer, sure could be the fuel pump. The dash is telling you something is wrong. Im not sure about the fault codes on your bike, check your manual for what "FI" means and the flashes.I dont think the fuel pump always turns anyway. Allot of them work off vacumn or when the ecu tells them too.

I'd check the wiring connectors - especially the ones in the front LHS of the fairing - They go furry and corroded after a while.

check the tilt switch, seen a couple play up.......

Hi my bike cuts out wen I rev it bu wen I disconnect the revelator an rev bike its fine and wen bike woarms up it cuts out and the f1 light flashes

Any ideas? I started my 750 srad yesterday. Rode it for a couple of yards then it cut out. I now have no ignition lights or clocks. Nothing at all. Checked fuses etc. Still no joy. Any common faults known or? Cheers in advance.

I'd check the starter relay. It has the main fuse piggy backed into it and once it's all corroded this can give this sort of problem.

Marcus Knight srad (not verified)

Same happend to mine was main power cable by head stock under air filter had corroded and came out of harneas

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