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gsx650 k8

hi chaps

i have a gsx650f showing fault po352 which says misfire in number two pot.

But this is not the symptom 

When the bike reachs around 4500 rpm in any gear it feels like the ignition is not advancing and the power does not increase like a restricter kit.

all other incendiaries ie fuel pump,injectors and all mechanicals are ok.

any ideas??????


i have also replaced the ecm with one from another bike

Well if it thinks it's not firing, then it may not be opening the injectors on that cylinder either, or it may just be doing a "limp home" low power mode. If it's telling you a misfire on No 2, then it may not be real but you need to find out what's making it say that...

cheers tappy for your input but it turned out to be the injection bodys the fault code was a red herring the servo motor was at fault,all sorted thanks

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