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GSX-R Parallels

Does anyone know what's involved in bringing a parallel Y2K GSX-R750 up to UK spec?

I'm guessing the headlight unit needs replaced rather than re-alignment to the left ?

What about the kmh/mph conversion....are there digital clocks or do the analog facias need replaced?

I'm toying with the idea of buying once I get my bike sold, and was wondering whether the £150 that DK motorcycles take to convert is worth it, or if there's a cheaper Do It Yourself method.


Not Sure m8You'll have to change the Headlight anyway, so I'd surgest you either buy New or trace a used item from a breakers, as for the Speedo, if it's a digital item, no problem, if it Analoge then you should be able to get a sticker to fit over the standard face in MPH or change the facia itself.D&K seem a bit pricey to me these days, ther dosen't seem to be any advantage in buying a parallel over an offical Import.

Interestingly enough Taz motorcycles on their imports simply realign the light. Not sure if it will pass the MOT or not.Dam

if the headlamp is adjustable, it'll usually adjust far enough to allign properly. If not, it is perfectly legal just to stick a piece of gaffa tape in the right place on the headlamp glass, and if you ask nicely the MOT man will probably do either of them for you while he's testing the lights with that screen thingy.Everything else is "cosmetic".

Taz mcs do the mph conversion for u and at present they are the cheapest in the uk for a 1k gixer at £7750 otr.:burnout:

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