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Partner's son rang tonight, his 94 GS seems to be leaking oil from the gear lever shaft oil seal. Not seen it myself, but can the seal be replaced easily?

Don't know the bike that well but you should be able to prise the old oil seal out with a small screw driver. be carefull not to damage the recesses the seal fits in.Make sure you fully clean the shaft before drifting the new seal in, it might help to wrap tape around the shaft not thicker than one wrap round, to save any damage to the seal from the shaft.Another way is to cut a piece of thin plastic so it will fit inside the seal like a tube oil the inside of the seal, then slide this over the gear shaft.

What dooffle says - I have heard you can get them out by screwing a couple of self-tappers into the seal 180 degrees apart and pulling, never had the need to try it myself (yet)

Lever comes through the front sprocket cover on them IIRC, probably not the seal but excess lube coming through now it's warming up a bit. Worth taking the cover off and cleaning all the shit behind it first.

Checked with  him about the chain lube issue... apparently not been lubed for  a while..cheers..

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