Goodridge Hoses - much cop?

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Goodridge Hoses - much cop?

Now I always thought Steel Brake hoses were a bit of a no brainer - clearly a good thing.

So I went to my local Honda dealer to ask about them - would they fit them to my CBR6.

Waste of time mate (says he)'ll end up with a rock solid brake lever and no delicacy or feel from your brakes at normal speeds - only worth it if you're going racing.

Is this a crock? - if so, why turn down business?

fit them , you will not regret it, as to "feel" yes they are more solid but as to losing feel, well I found the feel much better as the effort you put in is felt as stopping power rather than spongy lever feel with the normal rubber to why he would turn down business , perhaps he earns too much and does not want the work, or he does not like real work[lol]

I fitted some goodridge hoses to my blade and what a difference, take it easy at first just to get used to them then you'll enjoy the added confidense and feel you get.

Get for the "emergency stop-over the front" thing... jsut do a few practise stops afterwards - you'll soon get it into your head how much brake you can and can't use.

i've fitted goodridge on evey bike i've have with disc brakes for the last 20 years+ with no problems.but i'ama bit heavy on the brake i've been told.i found i had a better feel for the brake .:smoke:

you don`t want to do good stoppies then?

I have Goodrich Stainless brake pipes on my CBR and they'r fine. B*stard bleeding them after tho'.

General concensus is to go stainless - I've got them on my CBR 6 and they are fine.Your dealer is talking crap!

I agree with Mr Pat done the same meself, Stainless Fittings very Recommended.Never had a problem with Bleeding the Brakes. Maybe I've just been lucky

when i replace a brakeline i buy goodrich...but then i only replace whats defective!...I agree the originals often giv more feel. But hell if your lookin to spend some money on toys why not!..I understand u can get colour matched ones now too!

Sean, you could always put the original parts back on when it comes to selling it, just as you would a standard can etc.

Hiya Guys,Hmmmmmm.... Mixed opinions.Am I right in thinking:Braided hoses - for experienced riders?Standard Hoses - for inexperienced riders?I'm thinking Braided or standard hoses myself - as well. My existing brake hoses are 4/5 years old now - time to replace them.......I'm going to be taking a pillion for the 1st time ever on the back of my CBR6 - so extra stopping power sounds good. However, I'm a relatively inexperienced rider - who will probably grap at the front brake at some point this summer.......Any thoughts on this perspective guys?m.

I think we need to clear up a few things. Braided hoses ARE an improvement as they increase the power compared to standard rubber hoses. As for losing "feel" - what the hell does that mean? If "feel" equates to spongey brakes then maybe you have a point but to me spongey brakes "feel" terrible. You have more power, simple as that. As for running into trouble by grabbing too much front brake the solution is surely to pull the lever as much as you need to and no more - isn't that obvious?I've fitted Goodridge kevlar hoses to my blade and they are a definite improvement over stock. Totally recommended as an upgrade. Go for stainless banjo bolts as the ally ones are too delicate.And if you want an easy bleeding kit look for the MityVac vacuum pump. 30 quid from MPS and a piece of piss to use.

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