GL1200 master cylinder issue

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GL1200 master cylinder issue

Guys, I have been helping my dya with his GL1200 trike trying to bleed the front brakes.


He has fitted all new parts including pistons, seal, master cylinder repair kit etc.


We can not get the brrakes to bleed properlly. After an hour of pumping the front brake lever still no result.

My question is this: I think the master cylinder is the culprit.

Do the 2 seals in the master cylinder to back to back or do they face the same way?

We have arguing this for the past couple of days. I think they go in back to back with the flared ends facing away from each other. My Dad thinks they go the same way, but if so, which way?

We have the Haynes manual but the illustration is not that clear.

Thanks in advance


They both fit with the "open" (larger diameter) pointing into the master cylinder. Is the master cylinder clean and free of burrs / corrosion etc inside?

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