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Gixxer questions

I have a 1986 GSXR1100G and wan to put a newer USD front end and a wider back wheel off a 1100M or similar. Can I keep the fairing as it is and what do I need to put the back wheel in? Also will there be any advantage from putting on later carbs?

I'd ask this question in Workshop mate.The thread here is likely to slip off faster than Kate Winslett on the deck of the Titanic.

Providing the yokes arent much wider on the donor front end. As for wider rear, look in streetfighters and try to get a JMC or Metchamex swinger for the rear.I fully understand the 'challenge' aspect of modding bikes but wouldnt it be easier to buy an L or M or N model gixer ??????

Reasons not to buy an L or M,1. I like the look of the G2. I didn't pay for it,Thanks for the Info!

The complete front & back ends from the 1100M, or if you are feeling brave 1100m front end, 750M rear. The 750 arm is shorter, makes for good wheelies! Your fairing should have enough clearence, the width of the front ends are pretty much the same. Oh and you can use the later shock if you want as well.

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