General info on Honda MBX125 wanted

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General info on Honda MBX125 wanted

As it says above. What are they like for reliability, tunability, power etc.
I have just been given a nearly complete one.
It was running before it was stored but now lacks a kickstarter and front brake caliper, hose, M/C and lever.
As I can't stop it I suppose it is lucky I can't start it


hi,bought a complete none runner last summer fitted a new piston and battery,engine revs freely to 9500 but once under load won't rev past 4500 fitted with a micron exhaust so don't think it will be restricted has anybody got any ideas?

Sounds like fuel or ignition problems to me.Check the airfilter is present and correct, check for air leaks in the inlet tracts / around the carb, check there's plenty of fuel getting thru' to the carb and that the float level is correct, check the carb jetting and needle position (in that order - easiest checks first) If all that's OK then I'd say something in the ignition system's breaking down under load - replace the spark plug, HT cap, HT lead, HT coil (in that order - cheapest first).

I have honda mbx125 im restoring.any body got a front fairing for it? Or would buy complete bike if cheap enough

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