Fzr400 Exup 3tj - anyone owned one?

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Fzr400 Exup 3tj - anyone owned one?

I have just brought a 1990 Yamaha FZR400 EXUP 3TJ, imported model. I am planning on using for the winter commute with the odd track day thrown in when the sun returns.

Has anyone owned / raced one of these? If so, does anyone have any advice on common faults / problems to look out for? What's the best tyres / pressures, gearing, suspension settings etc...

Cheers, Rob

400greybike.co.ukIve just joined Have a forum for your bike as well

spliffyaid wrote

400greybike.co.ukIve just joined Have a forum for your bike as well

Top man, just joined too! What you riding?

Ive just bought a G reg cbr400RR NC29 to restore and then give to the misses for next summer Although i ride a ZX10R

Nice bike. Pull well for a 400 & if u use the twisties watch out cos she will give u a run for ya money on the 10. I had an NC29 as my first sports bike but on a 'K' plate. Worst job to do - change the plugs, is tricky n takes ages!

hi guysi just got  yam 400 3tj with 46 rear tooth can anyone tell me standard gearing ?  as this got no top end and like to change disc's & callipers anyone got any idea's ? thanks  alan

Yes I owned one on Okinawa japan it was the heat I was beating GSXR 750's on twisty and giving them a run for their money on the straights.....It was a 1990  Black and gold I used the Dunlop GPR 70's  65 in the front 50 in the rear Triple tree down 4 cm. Gutted exhaust. I had the carbs synchronize. one of the best bikes I ever owned out of 7.  

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