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Fz750 project help

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Fz750 project help

Hi, well what's happened is I've become the adopted guardian of a 1988 fz750 streetfighter project near completion but now needing some help and advice for the rookie guardian to complete this project because I really want to finish, ride and enjoy the completed bike without having to sell due to lack of knowledge. I have some basic mechanicing skills and have owned several bikes over the years the last being a 2004 fazer 1000 which I toured europe on a few times and got rid of 3 years ago. I'm not a total novice as I said but I could do with some help. So my first question is: why would anyone paint brake discs black (I shit you not) and does this now register them scrap or can I strip off and clean disks back to some sort of original surface.

Painted brake discs

Wow, that's quite special! I think you *should* be OK to strip the paint off but I wouldn't use paint stripper or anything else caustic as it might attack the metal too much. A rotary wire brush (preferably brass) on a die grinder would be pretty quick but just wire brushing by hand would work too.
If the discs are painted on both sides then it'll be easiest to remove the discs first. Make sure that the the surface they sit on hasn't also been painted and doesn't have any corrosion on it - it should be a flat machined surface. If the brake discs go back on at all wonky they'll warp very quickly.
Brake pads actually work by almost bonding to the steel discs instantaneously. If there's microscopic traces of paint still on the discs then it might affect braking, but hopefully will wear off. Check that the pads don't look like they've been contaminated by the paint and use those initially. Once you're happy that all the paint has gone then you can always change the pads.

Brake caliper mounting bracket. How. Who. Where?

Hi again, thanks Tappy for your excellent response but I think I'm going to avoid any unnecessary risks and just buy new disks as I've bought a set of R1 calipers to fit to it which brings me nicely to the next question. Where and how would I go about getting special mounts made to attach the calipers to the fz's original mounting points.
Many thanks

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