engine running to fast after new throttle cable fitted??

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engine running to fast after new throttle cable fitted??

Can anyone give me some advice on adjusting the revs on my duke 125. its now reving to high after new throttle cable..

Cable not adjusted correctly or incorrectly routed ?

What Alfie said. Check that the new cable is routed correctly - look at pictures on google or in workshop manuals. If you're certain it's routed right then check the adjustment. The throttle stop on the throttle body / carb body controls the lowest throttle opening and you shouldn't have needed to touch this to replace the cable. If the engine is now revving too high then the new cable must be holding it slightly open. The old cable will have had a little stretch and wear in it that the new one won't have. To account for this loosen the cable adjusters at the twist grip and - if possible - at the throttle body. Then set the adjusters to give 1 to 3mm free play rotation at the twist grip. Start the engine and after it's settled turn the bars full lock left to full lock right and check the the engine revs don't change - if they do then the routing probably isn't right.

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