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Derestricting help

i've recently bought a 50cc rieju rr50 and have just tried derestricting it. The guy who sold it to me said there was a washer in the exhaust but I cant find it...

Here are some pictures of my expansion chamber and cylinder connections, and well.. just about every part of my exhaust:

My expansion chamber:

My silencer:

my cylinder (i think) pipe which connects to the expansion chamber:

the silver washer looking thing in the above pics is about an inch long so i dont know if thats it

The expansion chamber's pipe which connects to the above pipes:

there is a ride at the start of the pipe where it drops about half a cm-1cm im not sure if that could be the washer with a tacky welding job done on it

i have pictures of my expansion chamber/silencer connection but i doubt its gunna be in there

my bike

could someone also tell me where im supposed to link the neutral light's wires to... because theyre disconnected and my bike is supposed to have a neutral light

I'm thinking that this one waht you want to be removing, I can't imagine it makes it go any faster to have the exhaust pipe's bore choked up like that?! Good pics, but have a look for your macro button on the camera, looks like a flower usually, it'll help you focus close up.Is that the bit where the expansion chamber (spannie) links to the engine (cylinder head)?

Yep I removed that and that seemed to be the restriction. Im gunna take it for a drive in a bit but now ive got the problem of holes around my exhaust and silencer for some reason, gah it does make a difference. the bike went 60 derestricted when i tested it before i bought and that things restricting it at 40sorry about the pics they were off my phoneyes that was the bit where the expansion chamber met the engine

60mph off a 50cc moped, blimey! Not kmh?

certain it was when i tested itits only doing 50 tops at the moment so im guessing that might be because of escaping air between the cylinders and expansion pipe, cause i could only fit one of the springs back on is there anyway to fix a false neutral without replacing the gear box?

Right.. firstly, 50mph out of a 50cc is really not bad at all, don't expect too much more without big boring it or fiddling with jetting and the air box. However, if it does have a leak in the exhaust, that will rob it of a little bit of power, back pressure and so on. Get something to use as a hook to stretch the spring.. it came off so it'll go back on I had a similar problem trying to get my centre stand spring back on once. Nightmare.False neutral? Start by trying to grease you lever, linkage and pivots, then ask again.Answer will be no, but it's only a little fiddy, shouldnt be too much trouble to open it up.

do you know where i can read a guide on wiring. the only light on my dash which works is my indicator... which leaves my oil level, full beam, neutral, and temperature leds all not working

Could be they share an earth, and that's gone. Dont know where you're going to get a rieju wiring diagram though

How do I derestrict a 06 rieju 125 can someone help me please

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