Derbi GPR 50CC 2007

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Derbi GPR 50CC 2007

Hi All,

My Nephew has just got his first bike, a 50cc 2007 Derbi.

I check his bike regularly to make sure all is OK and I have noticed straight away that the rear sprocket bolts keep coming loose.

I have tried loctite thread lock but the bolts still work there way loose.

This could potentially be a big problem and could cause the rear wheel to lock up on him.

I am now looking to put a solution in place, Studs appear to be the best option. By using studs and nuts this would also protect the rear wheel threads from damage as a result of tightening up bolts repeatedly.

Anyone from here had a similar problem?

You're not the first sadly - would seem to be the way to go

Thanks for your reply. I wonder if the Aprilia RS 50 of the same year has the same problem? Both bikes look exactly the same but possibly the aprilia may have improved sprocket fitment.I would of thought that this fault would be widely known all over the Net but I have not found much info.

I'm not well up on tiddlers I'm afraid. Is the Derbi just a badged Aprilla? If so it's probably the same set-up. Not that many Derbis on the roads over here so maybe there's no wide-spread info available.The problem looks to be a lack of any sort of cush drive so any transmission shocks will go straight through the mounting bolts. Add a teenager with clumsy gearchanges and probably a bone-dry and loose chain ...... <img /><img />

HiMy son has a 2008 Aprilia RS50, the back sprocket is held on by nuts screwed on to stud's. You can use Aprillia parts to change to stud's.

Update for any other unfortunate Derbi GPR 50 '07 owners.

Repair job:

Aluminum swingarm removed and professionally welded.
New chain & sprocket kit - Steel rear sprocket chosen.
New high tensile sprocket bolts.
Sprocket bolts fitted and spot welded in place.

There is also a recall notice on this bike stating that the front area of the chassis may crack badly and break resulting in a crash.

Derbi design and quality is crap.

hi my son has had a crash on his derbi 50cc 57 reg the front headstock tube was torn from the aluminium frame the front was held on by the wiring has anyone else had this happen ? please if someone has can they let me know as i want to take this further my son was so lucky he was not going fast and no other cars near him as could have been fatal

Hi Waspie,Glad you Son was OK after the accident. There is definately a big problem with the chassis and all models should have been recalled.The frame can crack below headstock area, more info here:

Ive rebuilt my 2005 engine, now i cant get my gears, any ideas what ive done to the gear box, i didnt touch it only put crank and bearings in.

hi im putting a derbi gpr 50cc racing together and was wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram or know were i can get one from thanks

There are quite a few wiring diagrams here, and I think this is the Derbi GPR50 Racing here.

derbi gpr 50 nude 2005 does anyone know off aftermarket clocks that will fit? ours are not working and derbi replacement is megabucks  

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