Datatool S4 Yellow Question

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Datatool S4 Yellow Question


Well, had a slight accident the otherday, ended up with my front end in a bush.

Nether the less, got the bike home(In a van, headlight, speedo etc. was kaput)

Ordered the new parts and realised the battery was completely flat.

After charging the battery, I noticed that my electric start wasn't working(presuming its something to do with the immobiliser)

I managed to bump start my bike. Within 45 seconds of the bike being started I heard the rather annoying beeping sound to alert me that it was going into Imbolised mode.

Although my bike didn't cut out as I was expecting, It seems as though it's failing to recognise that my ignition is actually switched on.


I have tried to search for a thread from someone having the same issue however there doesn't seem to be any. Does anybody have any idea as of to what may be causing this?

Yep....Your bike thinks it has been stolen....set up from start...and welcome to AI......

It makes no sense though, surely if the bike thinks it's been stolen, it wouldn't start full stop?

That does make sense as rather than have the immobiliser function cut in...somepeople would rather get home, thus not wiring it in!!!!

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