Datatool 433 alarm problem

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Datatool 433 alarm problem

Had to repost this message again due to admin error. Thanks to those guys who have already responded.

I own an R6 and had to replace battery - now the alarm seems to be functioning but its preventing the ignition from switching on. I've heard that after disconnecting the battery the alarm resets itself, but I've also heard it's possible to solve this problem with a sequence of functions?? But I've lost the manual. Can anyone help??

Thanks in advance and thanks again to the people who have replied. Cheers

Hi, Assume you've tried here if not much help.RussDid I order the drinks guys?

Thanks - Yeh I've sent them an email just waiting for a reply. Ta

hi could someone help me ive took battery off when i put it back on i cant turn alarm off changed batterys in fob n still the same its a datatool 433

Hi there, I ve got a problem with my alarm system. I've got datatool 433 alarm system instaled in my motorcycle Honda CBR900RRV. The probelm is that after taking the motorcycle battery away and put it back the transmitter of the alarm system in not working. I can't turn on the engine. After the turning on the Motorcycle ignition alarm starts to beep. What should I do? How should I re-program a new transmitter?Thanks indeed.

I have the same trouble on my Triumph 955i. I have a new battery but when I connect it the alarm won't switch off. Major pain

hi ,
I have a cbr 1000f 1996 model . bought 3 days ago. everything fine but suddenly the fob is not working eventhough the witness light is coming on on the fob.

the witness light on the bike keep flashing rapidly. I have not got any paperwork for the alarm, could you please help?

thank you
Olivier I have the same problem on a zx7r  Havent tried it yet but i spoke to a technician on the phone and he said it works....

It is possable to resync the transmitters with the alarm on that particular model alarm. i.e. Datatool evo 433hz turn ignition off, then near the alarm push down and hold both the triangle and the circle buttons on the transmitters, in theory after around 20 secs the alarm will chirp to show that they are now re-aligned

I am mobile and can remove any alarm you are having issues with once i have confirmed if it can be fixed or not, as i said im mobile and based just north of london

'433' (MHz) is the frequency that the remote control transmitters operate. I think that the ones in question are those sold with the Datatool Veto Evo.
It is often the alarm unit itself that has the issue (rather than the 433 remote controls)... this alarm was Datatool's first Thatcham Category 1 approved alarm/immobiliser (1998 I think) and wasn't the most reliable.
I am a long time 'out of stock' of Evo PCBs (replacement internal Printed Circuit Boards), but I have many replacement remote controls (433 type and probably every other Datatool alarm for the last 20 years!!!!). I also have the programming instructions for all remotes (I can email them to anyone needing assistance).
As per cymruambyth above I'm willing and able to remove probably any alarm of any bike... I have a workshop in Nuneaton (Warwickshire/Leicestershire border), but I am mostly mobile covering the whole of the Midlands and further afield sometimes too!
Pete 07877 552759

Hi can you please help me with my datatool seems to be stuck on after the winter in the garage.Iv'e change the 12v main battery, and the battery's in the fob. And the alarm won't switch off so I can't start my bike? any help please

is this site still going? I haven.t had any response/Email. Just a load of JUNK MAIL

still no reply to my inquiry'just a load of junk mail I;m going to unfollow it's rubbish

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