cr80 keeps trying to die!!

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cr80 keeps trying to die!!

hi every one i new here, havent had a motocross for a long time so i decided to get one for the nice weather.

i brought it last week and used it last week and was fine but went out on it today to find it cuts out every time you go to pull off and when in low revs but in the power band it pull well and if it cuts out and i kick it over it starts 1st kick and idles fine but soon as i go to pull off try to die so have to rev and slip clutch to pull away and it still trys to cut out so you have to keep twisting throttle to get the revs up.
ive tryed:
new spark plug
cleaned carb
new fuel/oil mix
but the problem still there!!
cant figure out if its a fuel or spark problem.
what can it be with out spending loads one new parts?
magneto thing?

any help very appreciated!!
thank you

? needles.+ you did say 80cc how big are you.Are you sure your not loading the motor to much.80 cc are for small kids like 6/7 stone 8 or 10 yearsWhen did it have a new piston and ring.As this is so important for these smaller high power jnr bikes.On our old race team sx 85 bikes we would change a piston at 20 hours.Overwise they wont pull away.There start and run at wide open thottle but inbetween there dead.

lol im 25 but only weigh 7 stone, its plenty good enough for me, i only use it to go off road up step hills in woods ect its good fun, just shame its broke, ive been told its runing too rich and to clean out carb and drop the needle in the carb ill do this in the morning.

Does it have good compression?

Prob Needs New Ring As They Have Very Short Lifespan, Had Similar Symtoms With Smaller Kx (60). Needed About 6 Grand To Move At All! Could Be Coil Breaking Down Under Load But Likely To Be Ring. Wouldnt Touch Carb Settings(esp To Go Leaner) Until You Know The Other Likely Areas Arent To Blame, Hope This Helps?

help cr80 boggy ive got a 1989 cr80 and ever time i open the revs it just bogs out and then cuts out whats makeing this happen

Bought my lad an SX85, had similar problem, check the spark plug, if it is wet and smells of fuel, it maybe that the main jet in the carb is too big.Previous owner of my lads bike was a rider in nationals and had it full throttle all the time, my lad being new was not opening it up enough, hence fouling plug.These bikes need the nuts revving out of them to perform properly. Before spending money on rings etc, check air filter, correct plug & gap, strength of spark, fuel (may have inline filter) etc. Check the electrics are dry. Just a case of checking each individual item carefully. Good luck, keep us posted.


Or occasionally a knackered reed valve can make a 2-smoke do this. 'course if it doesn't have one then it's probably not a problem .

i would try the jetting dont ask me what it sould be but try looking on here they will tell you what you need to know

I've got same prob with my cr 85 2005 model doing my head in is it worth £500 to anyone

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