Cold start, no power! New rider

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Cold start, no power! New rider

So this is my fault, leaving my bike out in the cold for around 2 weeks with nothing more than a 5-10 minute run of the engine twice. Went to hop on the bike the other day and and after letting it heat up a little i set off only to find that there is basically no power (i know that they are seen as death traps by some but its a Lexmoto XTRS 125, chinese bike. no problems up till now and it is a 62 plate). I seem to get fairly high revs around half throttle but as soon as i try to pull the throttle any more the bike seriously drops revs and if i dont either bring the clutch in or drop the throttle back down it will cut out on me. Worried this might be something a bit more serious than needing a proper run. Any advice/insights?

Well it appears to be a 4 stroke, push-rod, aircooled, carb-fed engine so frozen coolant causing a head gasket failure won't be the problem, but fuel starvation could be, and the symptoms you describe sound about right. There's a chance it could be ignition too but if it's starting OK then I doubt it. Check the air filter is clear and unobstructed. Check that there's fuel getting through to the carb, and check that the fuel is clean. Perhaps moisture around the filler cap has frozen and got into the fuel system. Try spraying a little carb cleaner around the inlet stub between the engine and the carb, and the inlet rubber between the carb and the airbox. If there's a leak the engine revs will rise as it sucks the carb cleaner in with the air.

Spot on! Thanks man back to runing like a charm.. well sort of, engine is running fine now but came off the other day due to some idiot rush hour driver!! So seems quite a few repairs to come

Ah, sorry to hear that, but it is all too common Hope you came off OK, and come on back if you need anything else. Sadly I don't offer a driver punching service

Fall wasnt too bad.. bruised ribs. My baby could be looking better though Rear Brake Calliper Seal, Windscreen, Gear Changer, Cush Drive, Clutch Lever & front brake lever all need replacing worst part is i cant get a hold of a seal so having to replace the calliper itself (around £50 difference)! If only such a service existed!

Not sure what you mean by "rear brake caliper seal" for two reasons. The first is that they're replaceable. The seconds is that I don't see how it could have been damaged in a crash without totalling the caliper anyway. Soooo, if you describe the part & the problem, there's a chance we can help for less than £50

i have the same bike, but my problem is that its been sat around for a bit at my mates house and now when i come to start it i get nothing. no noise or movement at all and when i try to  kick it, it still wont start. please advise, thanks in advance

Do me a favour and answer each of the following questions: How long has it been sat around? Is "a bit" 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years? When you turn the ignition on do you get the usual "idiot lights" come on? Oil light? Neutral light? If you turn the headlights on, are they good and bright? When you go to start it, does the engine crank over? If not, do you get any clicking or buzzing noises? Given what you've said so far it could be stale fuel, flat battery, interlock switches stuck or corroded etc. Answer the questions and we can start to narrow it down a bit...

I have the same bike starts with the kickstart but
Not with the starter switch .? Any tips

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