Clutch problems yamaha yzf600 thundercat

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Clutch problems yamaha yzf600 thundercat

Hi everyone,

I have been having an issue with the clutch slipping on my Thundercat  (Yamaha yzf600r 1996).

 At low revs its fine(less than 6000) if I accelerate very gently from 6k-8k and then open it hard its fine, however if from 5/6k I rip it open it slips like hell once it reaches about 7k. it seems to happen regardless off which gear I am in, although I havent tried to do it in first yet.

The obvious thing for me would be the clutch plates being on their way out, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of anything else it might be that I could check first before tackling this slightly taxing and moderately expensive job!

Assuming it is clutch plates does anyone have a recomendation as to a decent set to replace them with? I read the clutch is very much a weak link on this bike, so am tempted to go for something other than the standard kit tio replace it with.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


How many miles has it done? Have you changed the oil recently, and if so - what did you put in it?Is the clutch dragging at all too?

just under 28k oil was done about 600 miles ago, however I didn't do it so I can't be sure exactly what went in...(do you have a recomendation for future reference?)I don;t think the clutch is dragging, although i have never experienced this so couldn;t be sure, but the gear change is smooth apart from 1st-2nd when its being thrashed(which I tend to avoid)

Well at that mileage I guess it could be due a clutch but if it's not dragging at all then it's probably in good fettle.If the oil was replaced with fully synthetic it might've "poisoned" the clutch - modern fully synthetics sometimes cause wet clutches to slip. You *might* get away with changing the oil back to part synthetic but after 600 miles the damage has probably been done. EBC clutches are generally sound, but I think they only supply the friction plates. You'll need to inspect the plain plates, basket & centre boss for wear or damage too, and these are probably only available from breakers, Yamaha or maybe places like wemoto. Either way - be careful about what oil you choose afterwards.Might be worth asking the place that did the oil change what they put in. You might have a case for them replacing the clutch if you think they've damaged it with incorrect oil. It's also probably worth checking the clutch is adjusted properly. If they serviced the bike did they adjust the clutch? Did they get something wrong?

Thanks for that, I wasn't aware fully synth was a problem, so will be careful of that. I will have a (gentle) ride down to the dealer i bought it from to check, although I can't imagine they have used the wrong oil.I have read from other sources that EBC are pretty good, if I go down that route I will give them careful consideration.Thanks for the advice

hi i have a 1998 cat and does anyone know what my prob might be with it , in 2nd gear and only 2nd when you give it some ist slipps like mad but if you go slow up the revs its fine ,, any ideas ??????

Sounds like the engagement dogs on the gears are worn, common problem on some models if they're thrashed from the line and stomped into 2nd repeatedly.Dunno the 'cat box but it's a full strip on most engines sadly.

after 31000 miles my clutch is starting to seem a little to aggressive, and its right the end of the lever, i use this bike every day for work and gets ridin very hard, cant help it, its had fully synthetic oil its whole life, of different brands but always the best, im wondering how big of a job it is to change? - gonna do the whole clutch and cable. any ideas on where to start?

Put new springs in as well, it may be just the springs that are the problem.It's possible one has broken if the clutch is grabbing.

Hello everyone my question is I have a 2003 Thundercat and I have a used 2002 r6 motor will the fuel injected heads on my Thundercat?

Not sure about the heads fitting but without the correct air-box and fuel at 4 bar the FI system probably won't be very happy.

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