'CLUNK' noise from front end.

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'CLUNK' noise from front end.

My R1 makes a clunk when the brakes are applied. It does it when stationary andĀ  rockedĀ  back and for with the front brake on. It feels like the steering head bearings are loose. Thing is I've had the bike up on an abba stand and supported it so the front end is off the floor and checked for play in the forks and they seem fine, I've also checked for movement by feeling between the frame and yoke and that seems fine too. Any ideas?

pads moving in the calipers most likely

what G-N said, plus have you cheque torqued the head bearings just to satisfy yourself they are correct

The pads are pretty thin. It's in for an mot tomorrow morning so I hope the tester see's that as the cause too.

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