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hi guys,
i have just looked at my cdi on 1995 gsxr750. the number on the box is 17e00 j0291. does anyone know if this is a uk cdi or whetrher it is the right one for the bike. i have trawled the internet and cant find anything remotely near an answer.

Usual Suzuki nomenclature for a CDi unit starts with 32900Alpha-sports and RonAyers suggests yours should be 32900-17E60 but they are US parts based sitesso the spec could be slightly differentSuzuki often uprate parts and change their numbers slightly so it could be something like 32900-17E70 but Robinsons (UK) site doesn't show either of these.Try giving them a ring on 01227 454366

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Take the CDI to a main Suzuki dealer as they can I.D. the unit and also have the machine to test it.

Just had another look under 32900-17E00 ......Robinsons says  IGNITER ASSY R750W   in stock too.Mind you, at £578.17 I don't suppose they sell many

Try DK Spares, they most likely to have one at a resonable price.

It's very rare for CDI units to fail. Are you trying to fix a problem? If so, what are the symptoms and what have you measured and tested?

Just search "Liixanda CDI" You will find what you want. 

just a question of inputs and outputs...if it is just an ignition CDI then all you have is one output...all the rest are inputs, two from pickups a positive and negative feed, possibly a tacho that's about it!!....

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