cbr 400 not starting

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cbr 400 not starting

had a problem with the carbs pissing petrol out of the overflow then eventually into my oil, also just before the petrol in the oil incident it was funny trying to start.
changed the float valves and put it all together and the bike wont start there is a loud fast ticking any ideas please

Could be the fuel pump ticking.

you should know the fuel pump tick, ticks when you turn on the ignition and then dies down when pressure builds up. I am guessing you are hearing this ticking when you hit the starter button (but its not clear at all) in which case you have a flat battery and its the starter relay clicking

the ticking is coming from a round thing connected straight to the battery with heavy cable it is when i hit the starter

yup, flat battery, round thing is the starter solenoid. CBR400s are pretty easy to bump, I used to do it single handed all the time!

Wot he said New battery time. There's cheap and there's good, but cheap still lasts about 2-3 winters, so I'd say get a cheap one. Don't forget to charge it on a slow charger before installing! Then if the problem comes back, it'll be to do with the charging system (CBR4's do have a weak charging system, but don't panic just yet).They also are known to have problems with the starting clutch. Wihtout seeing/hearing the bike, hard to diagnose. Where are you?

only had the battery for two months do they have guaranteesits a yuasa or something or where can i get a cheap one as this bikes gotta go soon


Oh dear. Yuasa is a good and expensive (dad's blade got a new battery by yuasa from the local backstreet for 55 quid recently, as he needed it quick sharp) brand. It should really do at least 3 years.Charge it fully on a slow charger (using a car charger WILL VERY LIKELY fry your battery.) and see if that solves the problem.If it then works, it could be the next thing... the often weak charging system.My favourite link: www.electrosport.com/electrosport_fault_finding.htmlNow the provisos: lots of people will tell you the regulator on CBR4 is weak. It is. Lots of people will tell you to buy a new one and the problem will go away. It might very well do. Lots of those people reside on the very helpful site www.400greybike.co.uk , which is a great site, but you should take advice from lots of its users with a pinch of salt until you know who on there knows his onions. Or the problem might be the alternator, or any of the wiring in between. You can use the flow chart on that page to help you know for sure. It's quite user friendly even if it looks a bit scary at first glance.And this is still me making the assumption it's the charging system not giving enough power to activate the starter solenoid. It could also still be the starter-clutch (known to be weak), -solenoid or -motor broken. Have you tried bump starting it? They bump start really easy (4x100cc cylinders = not too much compression to defeat) and this would eliminate a few possibilities of what could be broken.I'm on the south coast so really can't help you in person.(@ some I have pissed off lately: does that meet the spec of my "playing nice" tag? )

I think you are being a bit pessimistic, he has had problems with it starting, stripped the carbs etc. The battery is probably fine as is the charging system, its probably just flat from all the starting attempts. First thing is to recharge it. Worry about the rest when you come to it.If its being a bitch to start bumping it is always a good way to get things moving faster.

battery buggered got it swapped on the guarantee put the bike back together and still pissing petrol into chamber 1 (left) should i change the valve seating now or could there be another reason also plugs are only three months old an they are black what is this

Float height needs setting?

I'd be stripping the carbs again. Could be something simple like a bit of crap on the float needle preventing it from closing.

Hi,My NC29 has developed a problems where it cuts out and then wont start again. It feels like a fueling problem, i tried blowing down the pipe and that got it going for a bit, also changed filter. Any ideas? do these have fuel pumps? Thanks

Regarding the colour of the plugs ... if its dry black then mixture is rich (makes sense given the issues you are having with the carbs); if its wet/oily black then you are burning oil and have more serious issues.From what you've already said its probably soot due to the fuelling problem.CheersAds

adamjamessince1981 wrote (see)

Hi,My NC29 has developed a problems where it cuts out and then wont start again. It feels like a fueling problem, i tried blowing down the pipe and that got it going for a bit, also changed filter. Any ideas? do these have fuel pumps? Thanks

Ummm. Most of this thread is 18 months old - are the preceeding parts related to yours or are you a completely separate person with a different bike? Sounds like the latter - in which case I'd start a new post 'cos I think you've confused Wakner. It sounds like Chris_dav99 had several problems stemming from dodgy float valves, but your problem sounds rather different. Some questions:How long do you ride it before it cuts out?Does it die with an open throttle (fuel starvation), or with the throttle closed waiting at the lights (flooding)? Does it only do it cold, or only warm, or both? How long does it take before you can restart?How do you re-start it? You tried blowing down which pipe - exhaust? Fuel? Vacuum? Fuel tank overflow pipe?

Damn - in my enthusiasm I didn't notice the date on the previous posts ... sorry!!!

's quite alright - 's why I pointed it out!So you gonna tell us a lil more about it? 

Good day I have a 1994 Honda CBR 400RR NC29 motor, the bike fell over the morning after a night off heavy rain. The bike was still running after that but did not have any power on an uphill. I parked the bike and the next morning the bike does not want to start. Any advise on that?

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