CBF600-SA 2005 Radiator fan

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CBF600-SA 2005 Radiator fan

Is it possible to use the motor and fan from a CBR1000 with the bracket for my CBF600-SA 2005. I can only find the fan, motor and bracket from Honda dealers, which come to around £500. So was wondering if I can hack one together using similar parts from other bikes.


The closest one I found for my model is one for a CBF600 2008. The bracket different, but I can just buy a new bracket for £70. Would the 2008 motor fit the bracket for the 2005?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My bike's been sat for a month now while I have searched every breaker to find a second hand one.


£500 for a rad!!...you would have to have more money than sense, make a bloody bracket! a rad is a rad, 2008...2005?? if it doesn't fit ..you will understand, how built in obsolesance works ...C,mon we used to lead the world in feats of engineering brilliance....now we cant do brackets unless some Chinese kid makes em for us!!

No, not £500 for a rad, £500 for the fan, motor and bracket. Other than that I'm inclined to agree - the motor and fan themselves are likely to be very standard parts and can probably be made to fit into the existing bracket. Take yours off. Go to your nearest breakers yard. Go hunting for something that can be made to fit, for 10% of the price.

Thanks both.  yeah I will do exactly that.  buy the fan, motor and bracket for a similar CFB, CBR and workout how to adapt the bracket to fit my bike.  If nothing else I will learn a couple of things about bikes Will come back here and update.

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