Cagiva Canyon 500 Starting Problem

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Cagiva Canyon 500 Starting Problem

Bought a second hand, T-reg Cagiva Canyon 500 last autumn as a winter ride having just passed my test last summer. Its single cylinder four stroke, electric start. 17,000 miles on clock.

Ran fine until a couple of weeks ago. Had an hours ride out, made a stop off on way home and it wouldn't start.

Now, it is an absolute pig to work on - e.g. just to get the plug out you need to strip the tank panels off and then lift the tank off. Anyway, have a good spark and fuel in pipes from tank to carb.

Bike didn't cost a lot and don't want to spend any serious money on it if I am missing something stupid - i.e. stuck float assuming fuel is getting to the carb, there is a good spark and engine is turning over strongly but just not firing up.

Don't want to start stripping to get at carb if that is unlikely to be the cause of problem.


does it spin over ?

Yes. Sounds like it wants to start and just won't. Makes me think of a car out of fuel - everything seems right but just won't fire up. Have checked the pipes from the tank to the carb and they have fuel in them. Took plug out and turned it over to check for spark and there was a strong spark.

Did you ever fix this problem? I have a 98' model thats just done the same thing and don't want to start stripping it back for no reason. Was running strong and starting well, stood for two weeks for remedial work pre-MOT and now will not fire. Very good spark and chugs away on starter (not sprag clutch problem) - Seems to be fuelling but cannot imagine why?

Have you tried checking the fuel level & condition in the float bowl? 

Had the entire fuel system to bits cleaned and checked - All perfect. My gut suggests the old truth... "98% of carburetter problems are electrical" That said though I have found a huge hole in the bottom end gasket which leaks like a stab wound and am wondering if its losing all its pressure because of it, and simply not drawing fuel in...Don't forget it a big single and thats a lot of pressure. Its the bottom end vertical gasket in the centre, and its leaking right under the starter motor - Upon turning over when filled with oil it squirts the black stuff straight up into the rear shock/undertray assembly at quite a rate. Cagiva no longer make a replacement gasket - Hence me shelving the project to the back of the garage and beginning the 1990ZZR that was waiting for resto.

Fredo 690 Did you found the problem? 

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