'Burping' a Z750?

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'Burping' a Z750?

I have managed to replace the radiator on my 2004 Z750 without taking the tank off, quite proud of myself. Pride comes before a fall.  I now have loads of air in the system, someone suggested I burp it, how on earth do I do that? 

Remove the radiator cap and reservoir cap. Vigorously squeeze and release the flexible hoses that connect to the radiator. Once you're happy that there's enough coolant in there to make sure the water pump seals can't run dry, start the engine and run it at idle. Keep squeezing the releasing the hoses as the engine warms up, until the thermostat opens and you can feel heat start to reach the radiator. Keep an eye on the coolant level during this - as the air comes out, the level will drop.

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