Brake Light Stuck on?

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Brake Light Stuck on?

Hi All,

I have a CG125, that i'm stuck with till i manage to not screw up a test (indicators, bloody indicators)

Today i noticed the Brake light is stuck on, i've adjusted the rear brake switch, and tried disconnecting both sensors, no dice.

Anyone have any ideas? is it as simple as the bulb needing replacing? or brake fluid being too low or something?


Thanks for any help in advance,



One of the sensors will be stuck on the front or back brake or out of adjustment. Look carefully at both and make sure they are moving freely. On the front you should hear a small click when the sensor operates. The back is just a steady pull. Bulb is fine if it's working and low fluid would give a reduced brake pressure or in an extreme case none at all. You may even find a small stone or similar preventing operation.

So in case anyone else has this problem and is looking,   it turns out the rear brake sensor had come loose, because of the way it works on my bike (badly) it meant that the brake light had jammed on, It then over heated and the 2 filaments had fused meaning that the brake light was running off the tail light signal.short term fix: new bulbLong term fix: new rear brake sensor, so it doesn't come loose again   Happy riding all

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