BMW R1100S boxer cup

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BMW R1100S boxer cup

my 2005 BMW R1100S boxer cup repucla has just completed its 11000 mi full service. It has transmission noise in the middle gears. My tech says it normal and not to worry. It seems excessive. What can I do?

Depends how noisy it is. And what he thinks is normal.  Is it just noisy or are the gears hard to change, clunky or jump ?? BMW 1100's have agricultural gearboxes. I wouldn't worry unless you have any of the above symptoms.  Just be sure the oil level is correct.

Round about that year....where some folks liked to "warm" it up on the tended to pickup air in the oil pickup....causing ....the engine to blow!!! could conclude that oil feed to the primary shaft/layshaft would also be affected.... The problem I believe was solved  by fitting a longer sidestand....reliability is not an issue with BMW, that is why they continue to produce the most unreliable bikes along with the Chinese, and get away with it!!!

lobofuego.... You are correct.I am BMW trained Technician......  They are the most over-priced, badly engineered but excellently marketed bikes in history.

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