BMW R1100RT vibration.

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BMW R1100RT vibration.

Ayup folks I'm getting a vibration through the bars on my rt. I've done a service, oils filters plugs etc, myself and then sent to a garage to have valve clearences checked and throttle bodies synced. All this cured the poor throttle response etc it now crisp and smooth in that sense but the vibes are still there and it a much higher frequency than before, really buzzy, it goes from tick over right through rev range, from 5500 rpm I can feel it in pegs and seat as well. It's Defford related to engine speed not road speed. Please does anyone have any ideas as it's driving me up the wall. Thanks DDF

You don't say how many miles you  have on this...But being a BMW it probably isn't many....if all this has been done, and that is an if!!!...then clearly one cylinder is functioning differently from the other. or an inherent balance problem exists... Firstly check compression wet and dry....Tighten and retorque all engine mountings, that is loosen all of them and then retorque!!check engine spacing whilst doing this and shim as nec... Then we are looking towards Flywheel and crank balance...and if it has been there since you got it....well dare I say crank will probably, be it....sorry,on the other hand.....when you have checked , everything and its still doing it..,.Trade it in at your local dealer!!!!

Hiya lobofuego, the bike has done 81500 miles it wasn't doing any of this when I bought it in Feb this year, it the vibes crept up about end of April. Last owner didn't use it much but I use it every day. It been serviced on time all its life by the same BMW dealer which is why I bought it. The tb sync has done something cos the throttle response is now spot where it was coughing and burping a bit before (but not when I bought it)
Cheers for the reply

Don't forget that those bikes have a flywheel mounted clutch so if the clutch has worn badly and started to fail you could have quite high out-of-balance forces resulting. Sadly you need to take the entire back end of the power-train off to inspect the clutch - rear wheel, swingarm/shaft drive, gearbox...

And when you,ve paid through the nose to get that may still do it....Trade it in !!!...To a BMW dealer preferably....Let us know how it goes!!

Cheers guys
would the clutch fly wheel thing make it vibe at stabstill without it being in gear as it does do this. All the vibes are in tune with rpm not mph, in or out of gear, stood still or moving it vibes, just gets more with higher rpm
thanks again
Here's hoping I ain't bought a nail

No fro I'm afraid not it didn't vibe when I bought it then it crept up so just assumed it needed a tune up as per other bikes I've had,previous experience just told me that,but now it does it from tick over

Yes - out-of balance flywheel / clutch could cause vibration with and without the clutch engaged.

Have you done as Lobo suggested and made sure all the engine mounts and transmission mounts are correctly tightened? You're asking a lot of questions but don't sound entirely like you're listening to the answers...

Thanks for all the replies back off me holidies now so can look into it properly.

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