'blade 17in upgrade

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'blade 17in upgrade

hoping this is posted in the right section, but I've always got a good responce from you guys........so here goes
as title suggests i'm upgrading my '98 rrw front wheel from a 16in to 17in. I was led to believe a vfr400 nc30 was a straight swap using the same discs. Turns out this only appears to work up to '97 rrv. ......phew............
Question is this........is there any other way I can use the nc30 wheel .i.e other discs(need to be 310mm) , can you get them custom-made(is it worth it), can I use larger spacers.......the list could go on.......
......or do I simply have to start from scratch all over again ? any input on this pain in the arse would be most appreciated

Looks like no one knows fella. me included.best get googling. P.s. anything is possible if you have the money.

HiI converted my 96 blade to 17 inch front i used a 97 CBR 600 front wheel, just took my discs off my old wheel and fitted them on too the CBR 600 wheel straight swap, same spindle etc.

you are correct that the 98/99 Blades do not convert easily, due to disc size and other problemsIf you can find one, you can fit an EvoBlade Dymag 17" front wheel. This will fit straight in, no problem, and use the orignal discs.That's what I've done but they aren't easy to find I admit.but using standard wheels I think is difficult...

I was led to believe a VTR front wheel fits... I had an early blade but the conversion was already done when I got it,,,

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