Bending clutch lever

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Bending clutch lever


Someone tried to steal my bike, the main problem is that the clutch is totally bent, it is right into the handlebar, so I can't change gear, it seems to be in third.

The bike is a Sym Wolf, I cant get parts for it.

Has anyone heated a lever using a heat gun to bend it back into place?

It seems like the only option I have right now...

It's aluminium alloy so you'll need to anneal it before bending it back. You may need to bend it a bit, then anneal it again, bend it a bit more etc etc. I don't know if a heat gun will get the lever hot enough to anneal it - I generally use a blow torch - but it might. There are two good indicators for aluminium annealing temperature. The first is hold a lighted match or similar beneath it so that the flame soot deposits on the aluminium. When you then heat it with the heat gun the soot will all burn off when you've got past annealing temperature. Alternatively you can rub soap on the area and when that turns black then you've also reached annealing temperature. Of the two I'd use the soot method. Once it's annealed it should bend fairly easily. If it starts to get difficult then you'll need to re-anneal it. I'd be surprised if a pattern parts supplier doesn't have something that would fit, given that most of these bikes are copies of old japanese stuff anyway...

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