Bandit wont start

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Bandit wont start

Hi All

I have a Bandit 1200 2006 the bike was running fine last week, I had a week off so the bike wasnt ridden to work, went to start it monday morning and no go?
The engine didnt turn over, the head light went dim when I hit the starter button but nothing didnt even turn over.
I have bought a new battery and fully charged it put the new battery on but still the same issue.
I have tried to bump start it but this didnt work either.
I have read about the clutch switch and side stand switch, the side stand switch I believe will only cut the engine when the bike is put in gear so I dont think this is the issue.
Is there a way I can bypass these clutch / side stand controls to see if the starter moter is shot?
Thanks for your replies in advance.

If the headlight is going dim when you hit the starter then it looks like it's trying to turn the starter motor so the problem is probably not the interlock circuits (neutral switch, side-stand switch, clutch switch) . Are you getting any clicking from the starter relay? The starter relay has the main fuse piggy-backed into it - when the relay terminals & fuse terminals corrode badly then can give weak connections and stop the bike starting or running properly. I've known this happen after a week laid up I'd start by checking the relay for corrosion. If you take the fuse out and it's covered in green stuff then you can try cleaning it, or opening up the relay for a better look, but if it is the problem then it's likely that you'll need to replace it.

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