B king error code flashing 'R' and 'CHEC' on display

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B king error code flashing 'R' and 'CHEC' on display

Looking for some help, I was disabling the exup valve by pulling the wire from the ecu. To make it easier I unplugged the ecu done the wire pull got distracted and switched ignition on while ecu was unplugged ???? . I switched ign off reconnected ecu and started the bike but this error message flashing 'R' and 'CHEC" has appeared. Any idea on how to reset this or what it refers to?


Forgot to say the gear indicator only shows a dash all the time and the temp gauge shows maximum all the time.

need to get to a computer...*( OBD2 is not a standard plug in for motorcycles)...get error messages deleted...don't ride it if possible , you may be able to buy a obd2 tool off Fleabay...however it probably wont have the correct harness as I mentioned above it is not standardised for motorcycles

Cheers for the info, any idea what the flashing 'R' means?

That should be in the owners handbook.

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