Aprilia rx50, 'faulty' electrics?

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Aprilia rx50, 'faulty' electrics?

hello, i have had this bike since june last year, but only ridden it since september.

after cleaning it 4 days ago i turned the key to find the dash did not light up. the front light was still working, but not the speedo, indicators, horn etc. i took it to motorcycle mot place this afternoon, and the the guy said it was the battery or the fuse, after changing the fuse the dash lit up and the lights worked. but with a constant flashing of numbers on the speedo, the horn is very quiet and only sometimes works, and the warning lights are always on. is this just faulty electrics or what? and should i take it to my dealer?

thanks, jake.

Sounds to me like you've managed to get water into the electrics around the speedo & handle-bar switches. This could have caused a large short circuit that blew the fuse, and also be causing smaller ones that are confusing the speedo etc. Did you use a jet-wash?Either way, you probably won't be able to do much with any electronics or water deep in the speedo etc, but it should be fairly straight forward to clear water out elsewhere. Get some WD40 and use the straw to blast thoroughly into the handle-bar switches, then get some contact cleaner to blast the WD40 out too.Do the same for any electrical connectors that have got soaked - removing trim panels etc if necessary. 

it was a low pressure hose, but thankyou, i shall try that right now. much appreciated.

I've also had problems with my aprillia rx 50 electrics, it's a 2002 model. I'm allways having to charge my battery and it allways dies quite fast, could this be anything to do with the voltage regulator?  

Voltage regulators can fail by allowing over-charging (more than about 14.7V at the regulator output) or allowing no charging at all. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage at the battery with the engine at idle, 2500rpm. 5000rpm and 7500rpm. You should see the voltage at the battery go from about 12V up to about 14V. If it's much above 14.7V then the regulator's goosed and it's killing the battery. If it's between about 12.5 and 13.5 then you also have a problem, but it's likely to the old wiring, corroded connectors or just too thin wiring. This increases resistance and causes voltage drop, stopping the battery charging. Measure the voltage actually at the regulator and see if it's any higher there. If the regulated voltage is all OK, then it's just the battery. If you charged it too fast then you can bend the plates so the battery short circuits internally and can't hold much charge. You should avoid charging a lead-acid battery faster than 0.1A per Ah capacity. I imagine it's only a 5Ah battery on such a small bike, in which case you should be charging at less that 0.5A. Most trickle chargers deliver a nice, safe 300mA, but all car chargers will be up to 5A charging rate, and most bike chargers will be 2 to 5A.  

I also have an RX 50 and I can't find the right numbers for the voltage regulator. The only thing that is not working is the front light. Any advise?

Hi I have an aprilia rx 125 09 that i just brought the clocks light up but no mileage or speedo looks like the bike had the clocks changed any idea wot the problem could be?

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