'99 R1 wiring problem

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'99 R1 wiring problem

Putting together an R1 for my son for Powerbikes. Connectors for alarm have been chopped off so having trouble working out what wire goes where. Have narrowed it down to the following wires that i need to connect correctly: Wire from ignition switch, wire from CDI, wire from starter button and wire from starting circuit cut off relay.
Can anyone help or maybe let me borrow a standard, untouched loom to check it against.
Cheers, Darren Capper.

I've managed to pull the wiring diagram from the R1 manual I've got in a .pdf document.It's 276kb, too big to attach here. Do you want me to mail it to you?

the standard loom has sockets to allow you to plug an alarm in, and without the alarm plugs are fitted in the sockets with shorting links. Sounds like someone has chopped off the connectors so you will probably need to work from the wiring diag.

Cheers guys. Now sorted. Daz.

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