97 Bandit 600 Start Up Issues

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97 Bandit 600 Start Up Issues

Hi guys


I have recently bought a 97 Bandit 600 (which I myt add I love) but have issues with it....

When starting up if I start the engine and don't leave choke on for a good few minutes it cuts out and this is every time I start it even if it is warm and just ridden, also in first and second gear it lurches quite badly.

Finally If going below 30mph the speedo jumps all over the place

Thinking maybe carbs need cleaned out and needles cleaned as have just balanced the carbs and they looked good

Suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated

Poor idling does suggest the carbs need sorting out. They might just be gummed up in which case a good soaking is OK, but ultrasonic cleaning is great. Bandit carbs can wear though so if this '97 bike has done a good few miles then they might've worn a bit. Sometimes the wear can be tuned out a bit by adjusting the pilot mixture but you need to know what you're doing and it'll never be perfect. To get them back to top notch you'd have then ultrasonically cleaned and then replace the needles and needle jets and emulsion tubes. And possibly the butterflies. Or just find a good set of 2nd hand carbs from a breakers. Try taking off the speedo cable and draining some oil through it. WD40 at first to penetrate, then a bit of 3in1 oil mixed with a bit of grease. Make sure it's well drained - an over greased cable can send grease up into the speedo and cause problems.

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