'95 ZXR 750L3 leaking fuel cap????

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'95 ZXR 750L3 leaking fuel cap????

My petrol caps pi??ing fuel on me when anything over half full.......and waters getting into my fuel when i wash the bike........sooooo.......wheres the best place to get a new seal??? do i have to go to Kawasaki????

All ideas appreciated...ta

I would.. cant cost more than a couple of quid for a flat rubber 0-ring

It's not flat it's shaped and it'll cost you about a tenner from Kawasaki - no-one makes aftermarket ones. The good news however is that I've got a damaged ZX9R fuel tank sitting in the garage and it uses the same part. If you pm me your address I'll get it off and send it to you.

There are two seals - the shaped one as per redrex, it sits under the main cap body and seals that against the tank. The 2nd is the actual cap seal (the bit that you put the key in and flips up) - this is a flat piece of rubber and is likely what tedmagnum is talking about.Most likely to be the latter unless the entire assembly has been disturbed at some point.

Either way.. A new seal (even OEM) will be a lot cheaper than all the petrol your losing !

Not to mention the entire bike going up in flames

11redrex check ur pm....ta very much everyone.....i think its gonna be the 1st of many workshop posts !!!!!!

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