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1999 curvy SV650s

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1999 curvy SV650s

Hi everyone,
i need you to pick your brains for me.My 1999 650s is being a pain in the BUTT !!!!
I have fitted a new reg/rec,new Battery and this weekend i fitted a new stator and still it's my battery is not charging.
I had the bike checked over and it showed that the stator was clapped out, hence the new one.
Can any of you suggest anything else what might also be contributing to the problem.
Safe riding everyone.



SV650 not charging

The first thing to do is to check what the alternator is doing. The output is carried by the 3 yellow wires that eventually connect to the reg/rec. Disconnect these and start the engine. Measure the voltage across the wires in pairs - 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 to 1- using a multimeter set to AC. With the engine at 5000rpm you should get at least 70V AC. If you don't then it's either the alternator stator or the rotor. You say you've already replaced the stator, so if you know it wasn't faulty then it would have to be the alternator rotor. It's possible - but fairly unusual - for the rotor to become demagnetised either by a very heavy impact or extreme temperature.

If you ARE getting more than 70V AC from the alternator, and you're certain that the reg/rec is new and the battery is new then all it can be is a wiring fault. If the rest of the bike's electrics are generally working as they should then the wiring fault can only be in the charging circuits between alternator, reg/rec and battery, which narrows it down quite a lot.

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