1997 Thunderace exup question (really stuck)

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1997 Thunderace exup question (really stuck)

Hey guys I realise its an older bike but I really like it.

Anyway ive got exhaust problems it keeps blowing holes in it im sick of repairing it but whilst looking for a replacement ive come up with a load of questions I cant answer

So the exhaust on it is not an exup exhaust
Is it supposed to be ? What ive read seems to point towards it should be.

When i get home im gunna take tank off and look for the control cables.

Next question

Ive found a 1998 exup exhaust at a reasonable price will it fit my 1997 model ?

Like will the manifold fit in the block cos reasonable price doesent mean cheap dont want to buy if useless im riding a thunderace so as u can imagine im not rich lol.