1995 CG125 Headlight, Help!

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1995 CG125 Headlight, Help!

Hi, im new on here.

Just wondering if anyone can help me out.

I bought a cg125 a few weeks back and im getting it ready for the mot. The battery was flat so i took it out and charged it, so that sorted everything out but the headlight now wont work, when i switch the bike on everything works but the headlight wont come on and the little light on the dash wont light up either, but when i kick start the bike and the engine is running both the headlight and the little light on the dash both work but its very dim and gets brighter if i rev the bike. Does anyone know what the problem could be ? I know completely nothing about electrics. Any help would be appreciated.


Thats the way the lights work on a cg 125,only the horn indicators and brake light works,untill the engine is started

I don't know the cg125 electrics terribly well but isitme22 could well be right - on some small, older designs of bike only part of the alternator output is rectified, regulated & sent to the battery for use by voltage sensitive items such as horn, flasher relays etc. The headlight however can handle quite variable levels of AC voltage quite happily, so in those designs it's just wired direct rather than via the battery - henceĀ  it'll only work with the engine running, and will get brighter with engine revs.

That was a better discription tappy,thats how mine used to work,but i have since rewired it so the lights run from the battery and can be swiched on and off when the bike is not running,on the old cg there is a load resistor that takes the load when the lights are swich off when the bike is running.worked on them for a few years.cheep and cheerfull,but if you keep the oil toped up thy will go on for a long time.

Aaaaaah, interesting - a couple of years ago some kid posted up a picture of the electrics on a cheap chinese bike - in amongst the mess was what looked like a large ceramic resistor. I couldn't work out what it was at the time but was most likely a load resistor as you describe.

Yes that is what it will be,on the cg 125 it is on the rear part of the frame where the rear light connectors are,coneccted to a pink wire,that can be traced back to in side the head light.

My cg125 1998 has the same problem the mor u rev the brighter the headlights get then it pops lights out wy is this

Hi Nathan, this thread mentions a few problems so what you say "the same problem" you're going to need to explain a bit more. In simple terms it's normal for headlights to get a bit brighter as you rev an engine above idle. Once the voltage rises to a certain point the regulator should stop the voltage going higher, and the bulb won't get any brighter. What do you mean by "it pops lights out"? If you mean it blows the bulb then it's possible that the regulator on your bike isn't working properly and so your bike's charging voltage is just rising and rising. This is bad as it will cook your battery and can also fry any electronic circuits on the bike (probably just transistorised ignition on the venerable CG). If by "it pops lights out" you mean something else, please explain...

Hey! Isitme22 any interest in a quick how to for rewiring the lights to the battery?

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