1200 bandit no spark

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1200 bandit no spark

hi .

 My 1200 bandit developed a problem a few months ago she wasn't sparking I've renewed the cdi unit ,even had a new wiring loom ,new plugs ,but still no spark ,i removed the cover to the pulse generator ,found oil in there ,not sure if that's normal but could anyone give me some advise on how to test it befor I buy a new unit please help if possible 

    Many thanks AL

Have you checked the basic things like the side-stand switch, interlock diodes etc? Generally if there's a fault with the neutral switch / sidestand switch / clutch switch then the starter motor won't even kick in, but there are possibly scenarios where a small failure could stop the CDI delivering the necessary juice to the coils. The same is also true of wiring problems to the CDI - particularly live, switch live and earth problems. A little bit of corrosion can do a lot of bad things...

Thanks for your feedback lads ,,,,side stand and clutch switch have been checked and there fine ,,,a complete new wiring loom has been fitted so any corroded conectors would have been replaced ,,,you didn't mention weather there should be any oil in the pulses compartment ,,,       Thanks AL

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